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Welcome! A Letter from the Editor.

Hi, welcome to Listen Out.

As an avid music fan from a young age, I was always reading the pull outs from my parents’ newspapers, reading the segments on the new artists and album releases. I was always the one to tell my friends about all the amazing new singers that I had discovered on the radio, YouTube and in the papers. I have always found music such a personal thing that I love to share, you can have your mood instantly changed by a song, it can make you feel love, loss, high happiness and deep sadness. Having taken great interest in the impacts of the pandemic on the arts sector. I have always loved attending festivals and live events from a young age, and through the pandemic’s lockdowns, I experienced life without this and how boring it would be!

But what do the musicians do when everything stops, no more gigging, no more tours or festivals, one of the only forms of contact to fans is social media. How have they stayed connected to their music and their audience? I will be interviewing a series of up-and-coming singers, musicians and producers on how they have continued perusing their passion in music through a global pandemic.

I will also be posting my favourite new albums, EPs and singles that have been released, along with my favourite up and coming artists. I have no specific style of music I listen to, in my eyes the more range the better, I like to be able to hear a song written on the same topic and see how different artists interpret it, such as love and heartbreak. So, if you’re someone who loves and is passionate about new music like me, then this is the page for you!

Make sure to follow this page so you don’t miss any posts. Also, go follow @listenoutt on Instagram for more pictures, artist event dates and new music.

If you are a up and coming artist yourself and would be up for an interview, email me at




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Listen Out

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