Here are my Top 5 singles released throughout 2021 from a range of artists, some that I have been a fan of for a while and some very recent. Make sure to go and check out some more of their music after reading this and let me know what you think!

1: ‘Nah It Ain’t The Same’ — Greentea Peng

‘Nah It Ain’t The Same (Official Video)’ — Greentea Peng

I am a huge fan of Greentea Peng’s music, ‘Downers’ was the first song I ever heard by Greentea Peng back in 2019, which was co-written with Owen Cutts (another…

Photographed by: Jack Morgan

Jack Howard is a quick-witted and upbeat Brighton based singer/songwriter. He is a solo singer and performs with session musicians, one of the musicians being his twin brother Bertie, “Bert’s always been there obviously because he’s my twin, if he wasn’t my twin he’d be out”. When asking what style, he would describe his music as, he said the short answer is “soul pop. Soul pop is like it’s a bit solely a bit poppy, the long-winded answer is I really think genres are going to be out the window in the next 5 years”.

Photographed by: Tyrell Charles

“I just want to do music for life and if this is a sacrifice, I’ve got to make then I’m just going to make it.”

Pritt is a R&B artist whose Tamil culture greatly influences her unique R&B style. Her song ‘Tunnel Vision’ was made BBC 1Xtras track of the week at the beginning of 2020, she explained the song “caught the attention of Asian Network” which led to Pritt being put forward for the BBC future sounds 2021. During the pandemic she has released three new singles and an EP. When I spoke to Pritt, her passion for her…

Photographed by: Amelie Satzger

“It’s really weird, it’s like I’ve only just arrived in the pandemic. I’ve arrived where I’m supposed to be. Okay there’s a pandemic. Okay I cannot just sit here and patiently wait for it to be over, I’ve got to adjust myself to the circumstances”

Violetta Zironi is an Italian singer songwriter who has had the opportunity of performing with the likes of Ben E King and Jack Savoretti, she came third on the Italian X-Factor in 2013. She can also be recognised for her acting, she played the part of Franca in Netflix’s film ‘Rose Island’ in 2020. Violetta…

Photography by Maximilian König

The first ever EP of the week is opening with my personal favourite by Joesef — ‘Does it make you feel good?’ Which he released October 9th 2020.

I have been following Joesef’s music since his debut single ‘Limbo’, which he wrote whilst going through his first break-up. This song caught my attention immediately, he sings so effortlessly, the song relaxes you with its simple drum beat and his husky backing vocals. …

Photographed by Angela Betmead

Amahla is a singer songwriter who entered 2020 being nominated for the Ivor Novello: Rising Star award, being assigned with Nile Rogers as her mentor. In the same year she wrote a song called ‘Bold’ for Fearne Cotton’s ‘Happy Place’ album. Along with setting up her own song writing circle, where she welcomed her fans to join her on zoom to discuss and interact with different writing techniques. We discuss the impact that the pandemic has had on her music career, and what the future holds for Amahla.

We spoke over zoom, Amahla breaths authenticity with every word, she was…

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As an avid music fan from a young age, I was always reading the pull outs from my parents’ newspapers, reading the segments on the new artists and album releases. I was always the one to tell my friends about all the amazing new singers that I had discovered on the radio, YouTube and in the papers. I have always found music such a personal thing that I love to share, you can have your mood instantly changed by a song, it can make you feel love, loss, high happiness and deep sadness. Having taken…

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